This woman is your potential customer...

She has a 30 minute lunch and chooses to scroll through social media, chatting to her friends and consuming content rather than reading a magazine.

Did she see your post? Are you socialising with your audience? Is your business even on social media? Social media has people's attention, so let's use it to build your audience, provide value to them and grow your business together.

Your company NEEDS to be TELL IT'S STORY

The things that dominate our every day lives were not around 10+ years ago. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social media as a whole have opened up several media channels to pretty much every audience. So how does your company use this to stand out from the crowd?

You find stories within your company and spin it to create multiple levels of stories and content such as blogs, imagery and videos. You then create your own media channel and share it to your audience and the world.

Don't have the time or tools to create your own in-house media team? No worries; we are here to achieve this for you.

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Is Your Business Social Online?

Most likely your company goes networking where you are social but is your business actively social online? Your company needs to have a social media presence and to be socialising and engaging with real businesses and people.

Let us tell your company story

Social media plays a huge roll in millions of businesses and consumer’s day to day lives. This is why we do what we do! We strive to create an audience that you can engage with on a day to day basis. We believe the way to do this is to create and publish content that grabs the attention of your audience and provides them with helpful “free” information via copy (text), photos & videos. It will also install a window into your business and show the world why you are different and that you have character within your business and like to engage and provide useful information to all.

Using a combination of organic & paid content marketing; we will tell your companys story and share your journey. We work with what we believe is fundamentally the top 3 social media platforms. We will set up and manage your page / company profile for your business on:

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Take a look at how we run your social media

We will discuss the best social media platforms for you and your business. We will then publish videos, blogs, and imagery through organic and paid advertising. Our goal is to bring people to your website and growing your online presence and company name.
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Is your business producing valuable content?

When it comes to social media marketing, content is king! Our team is made up of copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, and videographers that are at the top of their game. The content we create in your name will appeal to your ideal audience; providing them with knowledge and constant interest.

Our goal is to tell your company's story and paint your social media with helpful, emotive, fun, and character filled blogs, videos, and imagery. Whether it is an employee's story, a 'help' or 'how to' video, a visually stunning photo, or an additive blog - we will dig into your business and find stories to tell to your audience across social media.

How we create content

Who are we?

YesCanDo Media is comprised of a group of highly experienced individuals who work, or have worked, in modern organically-profitable businesses. Part of the YesCanDo group, it boasts the successful growth of the other YesCanDo group companies through social media and online content marketing.

We are web designers, copywriters, photographers, mortgage brokers, estate agents, business men and women, and social media experts. We are all this but most importantly we are REAL people in current businesses ready to share our knowledge and experiences.


Your Very Own Media Company

The fact you are reading this means you already understand that we are currently going through the BIGGEST CULTURAL COMMUNICATION SHIFT EVER. Social media is a big part of all of our lives, but it has only just started to find its place in the business world. We are currently in a “white space” where billions of consumer’s attentions are on social media, and not many businesses are aware of it or acting upon it - this gives you an amazing opportunity!

Our Role

We will saturate ourselves within your business and become a member of your team. Along with this, our knowledge and love for social media marketing and connection building, we will put your business name and character online amongst other relevant communities.

We will document your company's story and will share your successes, character, and helpful knowledge to a large online community.

We have built our service around a love for business and sharing our story with everyone we can. We have become expert storytellers through our experience growing the YesCanDo Group. Using this experience we want to give all other businesses the opportunity to share their journey with their audience and to help grow their online presence, audience, and customers.

Your Role

We will become a member of your team, requiring little of your time but absorbing your stories and company brand.

We ask that you assign someone in your company that can connect with us for updates, meetings, and material or information requests; this is vital as we will be part of your team but will not be there in person every hour every day. We will need a point of contact with the team.

Do you have a good review strategy? YesCanDo believes down to our core that good reviews seal the deal on sales. This is because they put people’s minds at rest. They show people have been in their position before and have won through your services. This is why we ask you to and help make a habit of: ask every customer, old and new to leave a review or testimonial.

Who in your company is active on social media? We ask this as we believe every member of your company should "like" or "follow" the business page and be actively sharing your company's social media content. We ask that you make it known to all members of your company that it is an important part of your company’s online presence.

We look forward to sharing your company's journey.

YesCanDo Web Design "Having a strong social media presence is so important for a business. You also need a modern and mobile friendly website to pull people too. We have built over 300 websites over the past eight years and manage over 200 of them."

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