Content Creation

Telling your Businesses story by sharing the journey.

Story telling can be dated back to paintings on a cave wall and it is how we pass knowledge through generations. Our passion and role will be to become a member of your company and share your journey, knowledge and character to your ideal audience.

We document and follow your business stories and tell them with a unique mix of images, videos and copy (text). Using a mixture this content we will engage an audience, raise company profile and thus growing your business. We chose the best way of telling your company stories and share them on the social media platforms they are best suited for.


On average a person will look at an image on their Facebook feed for 1 - 2 seconds. We make sure that when people see the images we share, they stop and reflect at what story is before their eyes.

Photographs – We love the saying a picture paints a 1000 words so we took it and re-wrote it to “a picture should tell a story”. We will use photographs either taken by ourselves, a member of your team &/or purchased from a stock (royalty free) website. These photos will be used creatively alongside our wording for blogs, social media posts and adverts.

Graphic Design – We have a collection of top creative business graphic designers within our team. This will allow us to create and visual graphics that a photo cannot achieve. From branding recognition to informative visuals, all graphics created by our team will serve a purpose whilst looking professional and sexy.


Videos are becoming the best most informative way of communicating and providing information to consumers. There are many video platforms as well as many ways to create and publish videos. We will document your journey and will share them via short bursts of video that tell your company stories.

Facebook Live Video – Facebook live is new in the world of video. The greatest thing about it is that there is still a lack of people taking advantage of the Facebook feature. This makes it exclusive as it can pack a punch to your audience as it grabs people’s attention because they do not see it every day. We will advise and help you to live broadcast certain events, product launches and personal company workings to your audience.

Company Overview Video – We will start to shoot small clips of video which we can shape to tell snippets of stories. We will aim to document key moments and stories within your business as they take happen. This allows us to deliver a consistent, real life story that will engage, inform and inspire your ideal audience.

Campaign / Product Video – When running a campaign on a certain event, key moment or product launch; we will create a video fit for a social media campaign. The videos will range in purpose but will all tell the necessary story for the running campaign.

Copy Writing

Our team and our professional copy writer has the skill to shape wording and spin a story resulting in an captivating, informative and character filled pieces of writing.

Social Media Posts & Adverts – Posts and adverts normally require little wording which job is to entice readers / action on the post. Our copy writer knows and respects it is vital that all wording for these posts and adverts are informing and interesting in a few words. Teamed up with great imagery; it makes for some efficient targeted advertising. The statistics for these campaigns will be displayed in our quarterly booklet and will give you an insight into how social media is working you’re your online presence.

Blogs (up to 3 a month) – We will saturate ourselves in your business whilst always aiming to find a unique story we can tell. These stories will be produced into sector-relevant content to feed your audience with. Our copy writer will create 3 blogs a month; to be placed on your company website and shared via social media. We will inform them of any key words that suit your company, services or events. These key words will then be incorporated into the blog wording which will help your potential customers find what they are looking for across search engines and social media.

The blogs will be put on your website and linked across your social media platforms. It will pull the attention of one audience from one marketing place to another.